Dress Code

2017- 2018 Pasadena Independent School District Student Dress Code

Southmore Intermediate

Shirts shall be appropriately sized with sleeves, free of inappropriate designs depicting or linked to death, the occult, sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, gangs, or weapons.  Shirts must not be tight-fitting or excessively long.   

 *Students must be in dress code at all extracurricular activities or events.


NOTE:  Revealing or excessively tight garments of any kind are prohibited.


Pants / Jeans / Skirts may be any solid color, free of design and hemmed and must meet the following criteria:

  • All pants/jeans / skirts must be appropriately sized, fitted and worn at the waist.  No hip huggers are allowed.
  • Pants/ jeans / skirts may not be baggy or excessively tight.  Pants/jeans with hammer loops or of a cargo style are not permitted.  Pockets on pants/jeans are acceptable at the waistline only.
  • Pants/jeans must be of proper length and must not touch the floor.
  • All pants/jeans/ skirts must be free of slits, holes and tears.
  • All pants/jeans / skirts must be one continuous solid color free of manufactured fading or bleaching.
  • Manufacturer slits on jumpers/skirts can come no higher than 2 inches above the kneecap.
  • Undergarments must not be visible through pants/jeans/skirts.

No shorts or skorts are allowed.

Shoes   Students must wear shoes with backs that are appropriate for school.  (Students participating in physical education activities must have appropriate shoes.)  Skate shoes are not permitted.  Shoes with laces or velcro straps must be securely fastened at all times.  No house slippers or flip – flops may be worn.

Sweaters/Sweat Shirts/Light Jackets Sweaters/sweat shirts/light jackets must be appropriately sized and free of inappropriate designs.  Hooded jackets are allowed but students may not wear the hoods on campus.


Heavy jackets should not be worn except on excessively cold days since students are allowed to come inside the building when it is cold.  Heavy jackets must be appropriately sized and must be stored in the AP office at the beginning of the day and MUST be picked up after school.  The school cannot be responsible for loss of these items.


Backpacks / Purses: 

Since Southmore has no lockers, backpacks are not permitted at Southmore.  If, in a special case, one of the principals has granted permission for a backpack to be brought to school, it must be clear, transparent or mesh and will be stored during the day.   Purses may not be worn as backpacks and may not exceed 8” x 10”.  Students are to always have a binder and are not to carry their binder or other personal belongings inside their school-issued tablet case.

IDs:  IDs are required to be worn at all times when a student is on campus.  IDs that are defaced or damaged must be replaced at the student’s expense.



Hair must be neat, clean, well-groomed and may not have shaved designs.  No type of head covering is allowed.  Mustaches and beards are prohibited and faces must be clean-shaven.  Sideburns must be trimmed and must not extend below ear level or flare at the bottom.  Mohawks or fake Mohawks are not allowed.  “Unnatural” coloring of hair (bright red, pink, purple, etc…) is not allowed.  Natural frosting or highlighting is allowed.



Males are not permitted to wear earrings of any type.  Students are not permitted to wear other non-traditional rings.  Students are not allowed to wear gauges or other devices to expand the earlobe.  Clips, posts and /or other devices designed to prevent the piercing area from closing are not permitted.   Large loop earrings should not be worn.


Tattoos:  ALL tattoos must be appropriately covered; they may not be visible at any time.


VIOLATIONS:  When a student’s dress or grooming violates the guidelines, the principal will request that the student make corrections and may take appropriate disciplinary action.  If the problem is not corrected, the student may be assigned in-school suspension for the remainder of the day or until the problem is corrected.  Repeated dress code offenses may result in more serious disciplinary action.


All other rules and regulations as defined in the Student Code of Conduct, regarding dress and grooming shall apply.  The principal and assistant principal(s) shall be authorized to appraise any fashion, fad, hair, jewelry or article of clothing deemed inappropriate for school wear or disruptive to the education process or safety of the campus.